March 2013. Updated Plans

We haven’t even left and our plans have changed already! When we applied for our Uzbekistan visa way back in early January, we’d assumed that we’d be in Russia no later than 01 March, probably earlier. We didn’t really plan on it taking russia a month to process our visa application, but they did. And thanks to that, combined with the fact that the Uzbeki visa provides you a strict 30 day window in which you are allowed to be in the country – ie you have to enter the country after the entry date and exit before the exit date – we will now be starting this portion of our trip in Tashkent.

Our leave date is not the night of 10 March and we arrive in Tashkent early morning on 12 March. The only minor bonus of this is a 7 hour layover in istanbul, so we might be able to get out of the airport to see Sultanahmet.

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