What’s in our pack…

Packing for an extended travel, and travel that crosses various climates can take some consideration.
Firstly, after trekking through Nepal and carrying our packs day after day, we knew we needed to keep them light in weight.
Luckily, we were successful. At the airport, Angie’s bag weighed in at 9 kg, and Brett’s at 12 kg.
Second, we needed to have layers and various weights of clothing.
Third, only carry the essentials.

Here’s what started in Angie’s 65L Osprey pack:
2 merino wool tees (Merino is key! Wear it for days without stinking.) by
1 nicer shirt (to look better at consulates to get visas)
3 long sleeve shirts- each of different weight
3 pair of pants – each different weight
1 shorts
1 thin fleece zip jacket
1 winter coat (dual layered)
7 pairs of socks (thick, thin, short, long)
7 pairs of undies
2 bras
1 swimsuit
1 thermal pants
1 microfiber towel
1 washcloth
1 sarong
1 headscarf/pashmina
4 pairs of shoes (tennis shoes, five fingers shoes, flip flops,shower shoes)
1 scarf
1 hat/beanie
1 gloves
1 stainless steel water bottle
1 stainless steel cup
1 spork
1 Envirosac
1 day bag (my travel bag with all my travel patches)
1 sunglasses
1 wallet
1 small, flat purse for passport to wear under jacket/shirt
Toiletries: bar of soap, toothbrush/toothpaste, floss, comb, shampoo, q-tips, nail clippers, nail file, hair clips, deodorant, feminine items, earplugs
Meds: ibuprofen, antibiotics, allergy
Personal/financial stuff: credit cards, ID
1 journal and pen
Minimal jewelry
1 roll toilet paper (after trekking in Nepal, we’ve learned to always carry one!)
1 headlamp
Rain cover and airporter cover for pack

Brett’s pack is similar, minus the girl items, but he also gets to carry most of the shared items.

Electronic items shared: compact clock, nexus 7, kindle paper white, solar charger, shockproof, water proof camera, power adapter
Shared books (lonely planet guidebooks)
Shared first aid kit: band aids, iodine, gauze, tape, scissors, etc.

We expect the items in our pack to change as we travel along, especially when an item becomes worn out.



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