August 2013 – Blog update

Hello all!

We apologize for being so far behind on the blog of late.  As some of you are aware, we’ve spent most of the last 6 weeks traveling with Ali and Josh (Brett’s sister and cousin).  As such, we’ve been enjoying the company and (I think understandably) neglecting the website.

We’ve spent the last few days in Hua Hin, along Thailands beautiful coast.   But don’t think we’ve been relaxing!  No, we’ve been slaving away for hours each day in an internet cafe to get caught up!  You may have noticed that a few new posts have already been added to the site in the recent days.  There will be a lot more.  While we’re soon to be confined by the Great Firewall of China (which blocks our access to wordpress and our blog) we have completed a bunch of post and scheduled on to show up on the site each day for the next week or so.

Enjoy!  and if we can’t approve your comments in a timely manner, we blame China’s internet cops!

Brett and Angie


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