July 2013 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our visit to Chiang Mai was based more on purpose than on preference; however, the city was a pleasant place to spend the time.

Upon arrival to Chiang Mai RAM hospital from our journey across Laos and Thailand, it was discovered that Josh needed to have an emergency appendectomy.  Josh was in good spirits the entire time and handled the medical situations well, despite his mom and dad being in turmoil in Sydney. In the end, Josh spent over a week in the hospital and we were impressed with the care and handling.

Most of our time in Chiang Mai was spent between our fantastic guesthouse, Red Hibiscus, and the Chiang Mai RAM hospital; however, we were able to visit a few locations.

Temple in the evening along the Sunday Walking Street

The Sunday Walking Street

This event is popular with locals and tourists. We arrived early, before sunset, and the streets were easy to navigate. However, as the night wore on, the streets became packed full with people. There were many street vendors selling everything from clothes to waffles to paintings. One of the enjoyable aspects was that the temples were lit brightly, which made the gold stand out impressively. While walking along trying to decide what to have for dinner, we discovered the fantastic local specialty of Khao Soi, an aromatic curry soup with egg noodles, at a street vendor located at the Wat Phan Tao.  This is a must-have if you visit Chiang Mai and ranks near the top of our culinary experiences on the trip.

Wat Chiang Man

Wat Chiang Man

The Wat is considered to be one of the oldest in the city. After Josh got released from Chiang Mai RAM, we spent time wandering around the grounds, as it was very near our guesthouse and was an attractive sight.

Click here for a few inadequate Chiang Mai photos


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