Buddha’s Parinavara (June 2014)

Buddha’s Parinavara is when Buddha was enlightened. The day was spectacular for us as outsiders. It is because of events like this that we wanted to return to Bhutan and experience the culture and lifestyle. The entire village gathered in the town center to view the events. The local shop keepers provided the fronts of their shops to be decorated and used for the events.

The high school students dressed in costumes to represent the monks and different individuals relating to the story of Buddha’s enlightenment. The high school, lower secondary school and school for the students with visual impairments all performed and participated in some way, either by dancing, playing music, singing or acting.

A lama from nearby came to provide a sermon and watch over the day’s events. He is a young boy of only 14 years old, but is thought to be a rebirth of another significant lama.

Link to all the photos.


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