SEN Conference – Thimphu (July – Aug 2014)

I returned to Thimphu for the national Special Educational Needs Conference organized by the Ministry of Education and the Bhutan Foundation. The Bhutan Foundation is the main supporter and sponsor for the special education program initiative in Bhutan.

The SEN Conference gives the opportunity for the schools serving students with special needs to network, discuss, collaborate and learn. This was a great opportunity for me to connect with others around the country implementing a special education program and for me to observe the information presented in order to follow up with training at Khaling.

For me, it was also a wonderful time to reconnect with the only other BCF teacher attempting to implement a special education program in her school. We share a unique position where we are teachers, but also specialist in special education. So, we are not only teaching, but also trying to change thoughts, processes and systems.

Special education is such a new idea in the country. It is going to take a while for recognition and understanding to occur nationally, but this is a good start and a positive way to get some people in the country thinking in different ways.

While I was in Thimphu, I took the opportunity to walk up to the big Buddha. The Buddha is not yet completed, but it’s pretty great and there were spectacular views of the Thimphu valley along the way.

Link to all the photos.


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