Helicopter! – September 2014

While I was teaching my 6th graders the sound of a helicopter came over head. The reaction of the students made me think about where I was and how simple life is in Bhutan. The kids were so excited to see this speckle of a helicopter in the air above the school. All my students lined up on the balcony and stared up at the sky. They kept ecstatically staying, “Look Madam! A helicopter! There it is! There it is!”

I could barely see it, but it was loud as it echoed through the mountains and valley. It is rare to see anything in the sky except for birds. So, it was an unusual event for them. Other students and teachers came out to see this dot flow through the sky, too.

The excitement over seeing the helicopter brought a bit of realization as to where we’re living and the lack of exposure the people in Eastern Bhutan have to many things. I had a mix of sadness in that they are exposed to so little, but then a feeling of joy because they are so happy with the things we, as westerners, see as so little.

Enjoy the little things today for some day they may be the big things.

Khaling Valley in Autumn

Khaling Valley in Autumn


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