Donation Request

As you can view from our photos, Khaling LSS has very minimal resources by American or Australian standards. We are considered a rural school and the majority of students come from farming or yak herding families and live in poor conditions and without proper nutrition.

The school does have text books for all students and some teacher resource books but very few teaching materials -there are no counters, leveled readers, or similar fun items we commonly use in western education. The educational curriculum is very prescribed and without consideration for learning differences among children. In addition, the school is funded at a very low level for repair works and social projects.

Therefore, on behalf of the community, school and my students, I am posting a donation list. Any donations, monetary or educational materials will be used to the benefit of very deserving students. One fantastic aspect of living in such a country and community is that the students, no matter how minimal the educational system, are eager to learn and become better individuals and small additions to their learning experience can have a relatively large impact on their education. I will personally make ensure that any donations (monetary or physical) are used for their intended purpose. Please consider donating to our school and to these children who have so much potential and only need a little additional support educationally.

School Food Program
Perhaps the foremost need of the students is proper nutrition.  There are a number of children at the school who’s families are unable to provide them with a diet that provides appropriate nutrition – oftentimes potatoes and rice are all that is available. The school is hoping to start a program that provides a complete meal to the 20-30 malnourished students once every two weeks.

Please read the attached letter from Principal Sir Leki Tshering.


School Materials

  • manipulatives for learning (blocks, counters, foam letters or numbers, magnetic letters or numbers, flash cards- sight words/math concepts, white boards and markers, shapes, etc.);
  • hands on learning materials, especially for the visually impaired (models of science concepts – like model of a cell, maths concepts like talking calculator);
  • subscription to EdHelper or TeachThis;
  • picture books ;
  • resource books for teachers about differentiated instruction or students with disabilities;
  • stamps and ink, stamper markers, stickers (rewards for students);
  • blue tack/sticky tack ;
  • projector for computer (compact, for classroom activities) ;
  • printer and ink ;
  • sports equipment, especially for visual impairment;
  • leveled reading program or any educational books (books about water cycle, life cycle);
  • computers or word processing (AlphaSmart);
  • furniture;
  • children’s music CDs and CD player;
  • classroom charts and posters;
  • games (educational or leisure);
  • musical instruments.

Students Well-Being

  • feeding program (provide students with one meal a week with proper nutrition);
  • clothing and shoes;
  • medical care.

School building repair

  • safe stairs to second floor of academic block;
  • electricity to all rooms.

Please contact me (Angie) directly at with any ideas or offers of assistance. Thanks!


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